So how do you deal with bitter people that you come across in your life? It is easy to become resentful and carry this bitterness over into your own daily life. Truth be told, bitterness can destroy relationships.

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So you're not a "10" in every which way. But you're probably pretty spectacular in some way, and definitely good enough in most areas of life. If ever there were a time to stop beating yourself up for being human, it is now.

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Those who experience resentment may have feelings of annoyance and shame —they might also harbor a desire for revenge.


Bitter people are hard to live with; they lash out at everyone around them. People wonder how to spot bitterness. So, what are ten behaviors that reveal a bitter person?


And how do you cope with them? Bitter people feel cheated by life.

The glass is always half-empty. Something or someone has disappointed them, and that looms larger than their blessings. Kindness and patience will make them feel like you are a real friend. Cynicism is mistrust and suspicion. Their cynicism overshadows everything they do and say. It may take your bitter friend or colleague a while to trust you. They may even push you away at first, but be persistent. So, be emphatic towards them without being drawn into their bitterness.

7 steps to stop being bitter in life

They become obsessed with their grudges and the people who have wronged them. If they want to vent their anger, tell them you disagree in a kind but firm voice. Studies found that your emotions influence your judgment. Participants were first made to feel love, then asked to rate different candies and chocolate as sweet or bitter. The participants who felt love rated the candies and chocolates as very sweet.

But the participants who experienced jealousy said the candy and chocolate were less pleasing. They become jealous when their friends or co-workers talk about a recent success, a new home, or their promotion. Their jealousy will turn into gossiping about you to others, putting you in a bad light.

Keep your conversations shallow and upbeat. They let everyone know that their life is unfair. Working with a bitter person is exhausting because they suck all the life out of you by continually complaining and bemoaning their lot in life. If the person has become more of a friend to you when you are alone with them, bring up to them how they sound, their propensity to be angry and bitter. It could be that no one has ever pointed this out to them and shared it humanely.

A bitter person blames others for their circumstances rather than accept responsibility. Others will be the ones who have caused problems at work or ruined their kids, but not the bitter person. They have no responsibility because they feel like the victim. Indeed, they are the sufferer in their minds. They justify their blame-shifting with abusive language. One study found that people who blame shift want to save face, to conceal their role.

Refuse to accept the blame, stand your ground in an emphatic voice and manner. Bitter people always find something to complain about. Something or someone annoys them. Nothing is ever right in their life. Irritation and annoyance is a daily emotion for a bitter person.

You may need to avoid doing things that irritate them within reason. If you try to cheer up a bitter person, be ready for a backlash. Angry people find cheerful, positive people irritating. Your positivity casts a light on their anger and resentment. They may gossip about you to feel better about themselves. Angry people want to squash your happiness.

A bitter person needs to see that not everyone is like them. They need someone to stand up to them. They do have their moments of being sweet to people they want to impress. They will often go out of their way to acknowledge a boss. But people they see as less important are worthless to them, so they will rarely admit good work or accomplishments. They make generalizations about people and situations, lumping everyone together.

Letting go of bitterness

They carry prejudices, judge others, and cast themselves in what is bitterness in a person excellent light. Studies show that such anger and hostility that a bitter person holds can affect their health. Doctors found those who are anger and aggressiveness could cause heart problems, diabetes, car accidents, or bulimia. Be emphatic without being drawn in. Be light-hearted with them, even joking in a self-deprecating way. If they drop their guard and show some vulnerability to you, share your concern for their health.

Strangely, bitter people often attract cheerful people who want to help them. Their bitterness is contagious. But you what is bitterness in a person be emphatic without agreeing with them. Stand your ground, but show them kindness. Stay positive and when they see you are their friend, find ways to have more in-depth conversations with them.

Share your concerns for them, and point out things they say and do that hurt them. Be careful. Bitterness is contagious. Have you ever encountered a selfish person who is manipulative and has many toxic traits that drive you mad? There a Do you ever feel disconnected from yourself? Maybe you take yourself by surprise, feel like you aren't getting anywh We've all heard this phrase. Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. But why would someone mistake one trait for Our passion is to serve and bring the best possible positive information, news, expertise and opinions to this.

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