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Human trafficking has risen in IT City Bengaluru, where the oldest profession of prostitution has been thriving in recent years.


Raluca Buzdugan, Shiva S. Halli, Jyoti M. Hiremath, Krishnamurthy Jayanna, T. John's Research Institute, St. John's Medical College, Bangalore, India. HIV prevalence in India remains high among female sex workers. This paper presents the main findings of a qualitative study of the modes of operation of female sex work in Belgaum district, Karnataka, India, incorporating fifty interviews with sex workers.

Thirteen sex work settings distinguished by sex workers' main places of solicitation and sex are identified. In addition to ly documented brothel, lodge, street, dhaba highway restaurantand highway-based sex workers, under-researched or newly emerging sex worker are identified, including phone-based sex workers, parlour girls, and agricultural workers. Women working prostitute pickup points in bangalore brothels, lodges, dhabasand on highways describe factors that put them at high HIV risk. Of these, dhaba and highway-based sex workers are poorly covered by existing interventions.

The paper examines the HIV-related vulnerability factors specific to each sex work setting. The modes of operation and HIV-vulnerabilities of sex work settings identified in this paper have important implications for the local programme. Approximately 2.

Overall, 5. Indian sex workers work in various settings e. These typologies are typically used in HIV programming de. Based on a review of sex work typologies in India, we showed that the most comprehensive national typology is the one proposed by NACO in [ 7 ]. The review also discussed three other documented sex work settings: parlour girls, agricultural workers involved in sex work, and phone-based sex work.

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We showed that expanding the NACO typology to take of both place of solicitation and place of sex prostitute pickup points in bangalore captures the HIV risk variation experienced by women working in different settings [ 8 ]. This extended typology distinguishes between women who solicit and have sex in brothels brothel-to-brothel ; women who solicit and have sex in their homes home-to-home ; and women who solicit in public places but have sex in various locations street-to-home, street-to-rented-room, street-to-lodge, street-to-street.

Following the analysis of the IBBA data, we conducted a qualitative study among women practicing sex work in various settings in Belgaum district, Karnataka state, to better understand the vulnerabilities faced by women practicing in particular settings.

The study was conducted in March-April in Belgaum, which is one of the districts where the IBBA was conducted; this allowed us to explore the qualitative data in the context of the detailed information acquired through the quantitative survey.

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Moreover, Belgaum has a vibrant diverse sex work industry. Based on discussions with programmers from the local NGOs, Karnataka Health Promotion Trust KHPT and Belgaum Integrated Rural Development Society BIRDSthirteen sex work settings distinguished largely but not wholly by place of solicitation and place of sex were identified: brothel, lodge, street-to-brothel, street-to-lodge, street-to-street, street-to-rented-room, street-to-home, home, phone-network, parlour, dhabahighway and agricultural workers. Prostitute pickup points in bangalore attempt was made to select four participants from each type of context, resulting in a total of fifty in-depth interviews with sex workers Exceptions: 2 interviews with parlour girls, 3 with phone-based and home-based sex workers, and 5 with brothel-to-brothel and street-to-lodge sex workers.

The selection of participants was purposive to reflect these judgment-based [ 9 ].

The peer educators told women in the community about the study and asked for volunteers. The women willing to participate were introduced to the interviewer. They were conducted by one of the authors in Kannada local languagewere audio-taped and translated. While most participants were interviewed in one session, a second interviewing session was conducted if the first interview lacked information about a certain topic following translation into English ; while the identity of the participants was never recorded, the second session was possibly given the of participants and the short period of time between the interview and its translation.

Informed consent was obtained from all participants. The recordings of the interviews were saved on password-protected computers only accessible by the person analyzing the data and the translator. The study was approved by the ethics review boards of St. Content analysis was conducted using Atlas.

Given that the objective of the study was to better understand the mode of operation and vulnerability factors of ly documented sex worker types [ 78 ], the examined in the study were set prior to conducting the interviews. An ethnographic study aiming to develop a sex work typology might have decided the of sex workers using a grounded approach, rather than a prioriwhich may have required multiple interviewing prostitute pickup points in bangalore with each study participant.

After the English translation was finalized, the interviews were reread and coded in Atlas. Within each of these themes, the code list was developed while reading the interviews and was used to further code the interviews. The interviews were analysed by examining the coded text for each sex work setting each code and theme at a time. In Belgaum, brothels are houses where sex work takes place and are located in specific areas known for prostitute pickup points in bangalore sex work activities.

She has been of some help to us… She is like a parent to us. Some participants reported having been trafficked into brothels; while not specifically examined in this study, the vulnerability associated with trafficking has been widely documented and likely resulted in additional vulnerability among our participants [ 1011 ].

In general, if a loan stands against a particular sex worker involving a person who trafficked her, her family, or the sex worker herselfshe needs to remain in the brothel until the money is paid. Theoretically, if a sex worker does not owe the gharwali any money, she is free to leave the brothel at anytime. We have to have enough to pay her, is not it?

Brothel sex workers typically have a relatively high client volume up to 10 clients daily. Brothel sex workers tend to have clients from low-paid occupations, who are less inclined to use condoms [ 12 ]. Provided the gharwali cooperates with programme staff, brothel sex workers are easily accessible for outreach activities, because the location of the brothels is known and the women stay in the brothel on a relatively permanent basis. Some prostitute pickup points in bangalore solicit clients and have sex in lodges small hotels. Most women come to their lodge daily, stay from morning until prostitute pickup points in bangalore, with some also staying overnight.

In other places e. The rates charged are twice those in brothels, allowing sex workers to make more money. Rooms are allocated to sex workers on rotation. Programme staff usually know the lodges where sex work occurs. One of the most common sex work types in South India involves soliciting in public places, for example, bus stands, railway stations, markets, parks, and streets [ 2 ]. In Belgaum, street-based sex workers take their clients to brothels, lodges, public places, rented rooms, or their own homes. While autonomous, street-based sex workers will occasionally get clients through agents for example, auto-rickshaw drivers.

Sex workers soliciting in public places share certain vulnerabilities independent of where sex occurs. We need to fill our stomach, is not it? They report that most of their clients have low-paid occupations and are disinclined to use condoms. Where to sit outside? In addition to vulnerability factors associated with street solicitation, there are factors specific to the place of sex, which are discussed in the next subsections. In this sense, their relationship with the gharwali is straightforward renting a brothel room per client in exchange of a fixed fee and does not obligate them in any way.

Should we send them back? Street-to-street sex workers take most clients to spaces behind buildings, fields or other public areas where they can have privacy. And one or the other lodge will be shut.

They did like that only and did not even give me a rupee. The understanding between the sex workers and the owners of the house usually a former sex worker is straightforward; the women pay a fixed amount per client. We distinguish between two main types of home-based sex workers Devadasis and non- Devadasisas this distinction has important implications on their sex work practice prostitute pickup points in bangalore associated vulnerabilities.

Devadasis are women who have been dedicated to a goddess and who, following this initiation, are socially sanctioned to engage in sex work; this tradition particularly prevalent in Northern Karnataka has been documented elsewhere [ 17 ]. The local Devadasis are well known in their communities, particularly in villages.

Other women not related to the Devadasi tradition also practice sex work from their own homes.

They usually start their careers by soliciting clients in other settings for example, public places. Having developed a clientele, they then practice sex work from their homes; their regular clients sometimes act as informal prostitute pickup points in bangalore intermediaries with other potential clients. With the exception of clients and sometimes auto-rickshaw drivers, the women work autonomously. He [the client] also feels that, because he knows that if he shouts or misbehaves he will prostitute pickup points in bangalore taken to task.

Other home-based sex workers do not have the same support system in place. Because non- Devadasis try to keep their activities secret, they can be difficult to identify and incorporate in prevention activities. The transition between the two stages is described as smooth and unproblematic.

In Belgaum, efforts are made to identify and train peer educators who are part of phone-based sex work networks, so that they promote safe sex among this group. However, in most places phone-based sex workers are not covered by HIV programmes, as they are difficult to identify and follow up. Given their concern for anonymity, the women are reluctant to visit drop-in-centres and clinics regularly. The clients are usually middle-class men, educated and with well-paid occupations. To date, little effort has been made to reach these sex workers by programmes, either in Belgaum or elsewhere in Karnataka.

This is partly because they are difficult to identify and are pd to be at lower risk for HIV because they have a low client volume and a higher level of education compared to that of women practicing sex work in other settings. What if someone does something? Study participants reported good relations with the owners and a positive attitude towards safe sex.

Police raids represent an important concern for dhaba -based sex workers. Due to their location on highways, it is difficult for programme staff to provide free condoms in dhabas. Moreover, dhaba -based sex workers are difficult to identify and follow up.

Prostitute pickup points in bangalore

They are disinclined to visit drop-in-centres and clinics regularly, and consequently represent one of the poorest covered high-risk groups of sex workers. Highway-based sex work is a form of out-of-town street-to-street sex work. The women solicit clients by standing on the side of the highway and aling to vehicles. They have certain routes that they use according to convenience and client demand.

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